Who are we?

CROnos Ricerche Cliniche is a Contract Research Organization (CRO) founded in 1998, satisfying the requirements pursuant to the Italian Ministerial Decree of 15 November 2011.
CROnos group is expert in conducting clinical trials in many different therapeutic areas (from drugs to biotech and medical devices). The heart of CROnos group is a team of 21 employees, a highly educated professional staff, all of whom have substantial experience in multinational clinical trials.
Cronos currently is part of the Pharma D&S Group www.pharmades.it

Which are our management consulting targets

Flexibility and patience needed to obtain Single Opinions, and Ethics Committee as well as Competent Authority approvals. Working within the bureaucracy world according to all the regulations is not easy, and time consuming and demands a continuous updating.
Skill and expertise in Protocol writing, according to your requests, and in designing rational and user friendly CRF

Ability and competence in planning, managing and following up a correct Clinical Monitoring. The availability of frequent displacements, the skill in personal relationship with doctors and health personnel, and the attention paid in Source Data Verification are for CROnos staff the successful formula. The background experience allows CROnos staff to monitor, with the same skill, clinical trials with drugs and medical devices, as well as observational studies with GPs and at the hospitals.

A good coordination and reliability with Centralized Certified Laboratories in order to obtain homogeneous data in real time.
Skill in synthesis and accuracy in writing Final Reports stick to objective results.

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