Which are our strengths?

All the dynamic, open-minded and yielding employees are able to perform, on their own, the assigned tasks but they also like to work in team. All of them attended external training courses on clinical methodologies, therapeutic fields, and pharmacovigilance and are continuously committed in improving their knowledge. Their professional qualities and acquired experience allowed the team to issue and to keep update strict but user-friendly SOPs.

Trust in someone is good but entrust is better.

CROnos is the ideal partner to completely entrust with, confident to enjoy high quality services. CROnos team will take care of your project relieving you of any commitment. Thanks to a 360° view, CROnos team will carefully follow each project step assuring reliable and complete results.

All's well that starts, proceeds and ends well.

To choose CROnos is the game point to tackle your project. Many serious, reliable and professional companies realised that CROnos believes in their own principles and keep in working with us. The very low turn-over (0 resignation in the last 8 years), the smiling skill , and the ability in the relationships with clients and doctors are further key points, because when a project is well done smiling is easiest.